Friday, March 4, 2011

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Cranes reaching into the sky ... Cotter Dam Enlargement: Canberra March 2011

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My Selected Poems and Commentary: Mar 2011 to Feb 2013
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INDEX - Hot Links to Posts in chronological order split into - Selected Poems, Poem Analysis, and Miscellaneous Poetry ....

Selected Poems (from 2010 to 2013)
After life and Death
Words for the taking
A meta metamorphosis
The Fragrance at Flanders
Bin Laden and Silly Syllable
Australia Day 2007
No emergency now
Ant Attack
A Token Life
Public Credentials
Broken Words
Trapped Prayer
Have a Nice Day
Selected Personal Poems - eBook
Arthroscopic Attention
Christmas Day - Haiku
Report Card 2011 - Limerick
Nought By Time Revealed
Post-Op Respite
To be At One with the World
At Our Church
On Just Being
The Queen Marches On
Men Shedding
Chain Gang Gold
We Fun-Runners
Anointing Ann Anonymous

Poem Analysis
The Hawk in the Rain - Ted Hughes
To the Fallen - Laurence Binyon
Advent, 1916 - Eva Dobell
Sonnet 37 - William Shakespeare
Sonnet 73 - William Shakespeare
Mysterious Night - Joseph Blanco White
The Orange Tree - John Shaw Neilson
If everything happens that can't be done - E. E. Cummings
A Hymn to God the Father - John Donne
Mrs Midas - Carol Ann Duffy
Full Moon and Little Frieda - Ted Hughes
The Wattle Tree - Judith Wright
Love Sonnet LXVII - Pablo Neruda
Poppies in October - Sylvia Plath
The Last Night that She Lived - Emily Dickinson
Upon the Lonely Moor - Lewis Carroll
The Journey of the Magi - T. S. Eliot
Analysing Prufrock - T. S. Eliot
The Brook - Tennyson: Analysis
A Shell on Shelley and The Moon
Lest We Forget - Kipling's Recessional
Zero Summer - T. S. Eliot and Little Gidding
Emily Dickinson and Death
Never Too Old - Janne Graham: Analysis
Bell-Birds - Henry Kendall: Analysis
Ode to Melancholy - John Keats
Sylvia Plath - Births, Museums, Statues
Kisses in the train - D H Lawrence
A Song for Simeon - T S Eliot
We Field-Women - Thomas Hardy
The Unspoken - Edwin Morgan
Sylvia Plath and Balloons: Analysis
As I was climbing up the stair - Analysis
The Trains - Judith Wright
Advent Calendar - Rowan Williams
Nativity - James McAuley
Looking at some Longfellow Lines
Exploring Ozymandias - Shelley
A Vision of Sin - A different Tennyson

Miscellaneous Poetry
Remembering Grace McCracken
Some Famous War Poets and Poems
Australian Poetry Ltd - Info.
Canberra's Centenary: '100 Years of Words'
Tribute to Anne Edgeworth
My Love In Her Attire - Anonymous
'The Gods' Dead Poets Dinner 2011 - Readings
National Poetry Week - Jane Baker Book Launch
Talking Tanka with Kathy Kituai
'Edge' - Judith Wright's property at Braidwood
Writing Australia - New Federal Website
Weather Signs - Janne Graham
The Door - To Poetry Perhaps
What is poetry
Creating New Words
The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry
A Visit from St. Nicholas - Henry Livingstone
Creating some words on Creation and Creating
National Year of Reading - 2012
Poets' Corner: Official Opening Canberra
Exhibition of Manuscript Treasures at the National Library
Initiation - Don Nicol
The Song of Mr Toad - Kenneth Grahame
Life - Shockingly Beautiful - Easter Sunday 2012
An A-musing Ogden Nash on Shelley
Meet the 'Gull-a-Bull' Ogden at the Sea-shore
Spike Milligan and Poetry
Best-Selling Poetry in Oz
Bagpipe Music - Louise MacNeice
Dead Poets Dinner Readings - Canberra 24 July
Spring Arousal: Gateway- A D Hope
Hardy and Egdon Heath
Hardy's Cottage at Higher Bockhampton
Hardy's Home - Max Gate - Images
Hardy's Grave at Stinsford Church - Images
Chinese Sayings an introduction
Rosemary Dobson - Poetry Continues
Chinese Symbolism
Behind common words and nursery rhymes
Yass Valley Writers Anthology - Book Launch
Christmas and the Virgin Birth
Why be interested in poetry
Poetry and the brain
'The Invisible Tread' - Canberra Centenary Anthology
Christchurch Earthquake - A Public Poem
Pronunciation - Some Problem Words

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Collected Poems: 2001 - 2009

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  1. Thank you! I did an analysis for Carol Ann Duffy's "Mrs Midas" for a project in class and about half way through came up with a blank mind. Your commentary helped me jumpstart my brain and let me continue. :)