Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dead Poets Dinner 24 July 2012 - Readings

The following is a list of the readings at the Dead Poets Dinner held on 24 July at 'The Gods' cafe ANU Canberra (co-ordinated by Geoff Page as best as could be reconstructed from people's handwriting!) ...

John Berryman  2 'Dream Songs'
R.S. Thomas 'The Garden'
*   Rosemary Dobson 'Captain Svenson'
Margaret Scott 'Grandchild'
Oscar Hammerstein II 'If I Loved You'
Hone Tuwhare 'Statue'
James McAuley 'Because'
Ern Malley 2 poems
Niedecke 3 poems
David Campbell 'Two Ways of Going'
*   Rosemary Dobson 'The Three Fates'
Hopkins 'Pied Beauty'
Saigyo several haiku
Chaucer 'Prologue to the Legend of the Good Woman'
* Rosemary Dobson translations from Mandelstam and  Akhmatova 
Salvatore Quasimodo 'Lettera' in English and Italian
Tennyson 'The Eagle'
R.S. Thomas 'The Owl'
Frost 'Acquainted with the Night'
Louis MacNeice 'Bagpipe Music'
Two Bad Poems
Norman MacCaig Two poems
Three Aboriginal songs
A Sea Shanty (sung)
Shakespeare (excerpt from Twelfth Night)
Gwen Harwood 'Barn Owl'
Rilke 'Spanish Dancer'
Pound 'The River Merchant's  Wife: A Letter'
Eliot portions of 'Burnt Norton'
Shelley 'Ozymandias'

*   Of particular note were the readings in memory of Rosemary Dobson who died in Canberra in June.

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