Friday, July 27, 2012


afternoon tea, then of course it was much more than just tea and cake
old Mrs Bridger tries to eat the flower-pattern from her plate
you, on best behaviour, sit silently watching this funny sight
waiting, waiting for someone to help her do things right

coming round a country corner unwittingly, it was fate
the last of Hewitt’s herd stumbles out the open gate
an obstinate brown-eye stare quite oblivious to our intent
waits for the farmhand’s stick-switch before the slightest movement

old age and the doctor have been quick to define
rest, total rest, you must now take your time
no garden, no car-clean, no walking the dog
you’re told to sit tight by your fire, put on a large log

an empty chair, a painting, the sun dusts the blind
time to recover, to reflect, at least journey the mind

Richard Scutter 15 June 2012

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