Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-Op Respite

                         all seats are vacant in the courtyard
                        a few dishevelled cushions,
                        the garden at peace with itself

                        she has been waiting for it to be over

                        for the day after yesterday
                        now there is time,
                        an immensity of time to each measured movement

                        she shuffles slowly forward
                        steadies at the sliding door, grasps the handle
                        gradually the door slides creating space

                        she has a clear determined focus
                        (I’m glad no nurse has come to help,
                         and there is no one around to interfere)

                        there is ample space now
                        and her dressing-gowned frame
                        takes the few steps needed

                        on reaching the closest chair
                        she slowly makes her comfort known
                        as she recovers from her exertion

                        a sigh sags through her body,
                        and as if seeing blue sky for the first time
                        she appreciates every detail

                        absorbing the spring sunshine
                        she gives an internal thank-you,
                        a thank-you meaningful beyond words

                        her contentment dissolves to a doze,
                        but before drifting exhausted to total sleep
                        she is gently disturbed …

                        the sliding doors click-shut
                        patient and nurse disappear
                        the courtyard reclaims the empty seat

Richard Scutter 15 September 2011 

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