Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nought by Time Revealed

Nought did endure
without measurement or thought
Nought did exist
that is if you call it any kind of an existence
for it really had nought to commend itself (forgive the pun)
save perhaps its unknown immutability

And, of course, nothing was known of Nought
for Nought only began to be known when Nought died
for when Nought died something else started
And when this happened
only then could Nought be defined
like the writing of a word on a blackboard

and whether it took a few minutes, days
or even a whole eternity,
suffice to say that a change occurred
like the gentle shift of an unseen wind on water
or an immense explosion unheard in a distant land
and nothing (I repeat nothing) has ever been the same since!

Richard Scutter 15 February 2012

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