Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Fun-Runners

We Fun-Runners 1
Were we excited!
Easter egg anticipation
a brisk Canberra in early morning chatter  
bodies primed with no loose matter
waiting for execution
Were we excited!
Did we run!
swallowing the track with each disappearing second
striding passed our compatriots with a contemptible smile
to shatter the line in champion style
achieving PBs far more than we reckoned
Did we run!
Did we celebrate!
hugging and jumping and fooling around
tears,  laughter – ‘more bubbles please!’
fine food and drink sank down to our knees
then that slow- low morning-after moan
Did we celebrate! - yes we did!
Richard Scutter 15 October 2012

1 ... Based on using the same poetry scheme as Thomas Hardy in his poem We Field-Women ( line 1=line 6 then abba with an extension in the last line of the final stanza). 

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