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Hardy's Grave at Stinsford Church - Images

The Hardy family worshiped at Stinsford church close to 'Max Gate' and Dorchester. Hardy's heart is buried in the grounds. He is, of course, also recognised in the Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey.

Stinsford Church

Hardy's Grave

The information notice at the church

The following poem was written on his 86th birthday as a reflection on life ...

He Never Expected Much

Well, World, you have kept faith with me,
Kept faith with me;
Upon the whole you have proved to be
Much as you said you were.
Since as a child I used to lie
Upon the leaze and watch the sky,
Never, I own, expected I
That life would all be fair.

'Twas then you said, and since have said,
Times since have said,
In that mysterious voice you shed
From clouds and hills around:
"Many have loved me desperately,
Many with smooth serenity,
While some have shown contempt of me
Till they dropped underground.

"I do not promise overmuch,
Child; overmuch;
Just neutral-tinted haps and such,"
You said to minds like mine.
Wise warning for your credit's sake!
Which I for one failed not to take,
And hence could stem such strain and ache
As each year might assign.

Thomas Hardy

Life is not fair - whatever fair means. However, in my book, we have 'the means of dealing with everything that comes our way' ... that is according to my God.

A great philosophy - to expect little in life, often you get much more.

Interestingly Cecil Day Lewis asked to be buried as close as possible to Hardy and his grave is close by ...
The grave of Cecil Day Lewis at Stinsford Church, Dorset

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