Friday, June 22, 2012

Men Shedding

men shedding

he dies
a little every day
by the things he used to do

from digging
up the veggie garden
to tying up a shoe

while his children
tell him constantly
to behave and not to stew

he remembers
in his childhood days
of reaching for the sky

that burst
of first excitement
with each new thing that he would try

but now he’s brought
back down to earth
as the old tasks pass him by

and soon everything
that he once could do
he just can’t do again

and he’ll wake up
one sad morning
the final task upon his brain

then, sad to say,
he forgets that too,
it’ll be his last refrain

Richard Scutter 4 July 2010

Note …

This poem was motivated as a response to Geoff Page’s poem Cool Girls (from his book Human Interest) … woman and beauty transferring to men and tasks.

… written on independence day 2010 … long live independence day … let’s celebrate the things we can do … however small!

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