Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Just Being

On Just Being

to be or not to be, there is no question
(with apologies to Shakespeare and Hamlet)

we must be and just not question
that must be our avowed intention
just learn to be, be like the tree
or sky, or anything else you see

so be content with who you are
don't look for pleasure from afar
be happy with your little lot
and think not of some greener spot

everything will come to thee
if you be who you are meant to be
so if you are just yourself you see
your life will be pure rosery

now Heather taught this from first day
you don't have to believe all that I say

Richard Scutter 29 May 2012

This 'final sonnet' was written as a closure to an exciting and creative U3A course on 'old beliefs versus new beliefs' run by Heather Powell in Canberra.

The rhyming couplet is most important. Intuitively work out for yourself what is right ... what you believe in ... and on no account take your beliefs from other people without thinking and working them out for yourself ... and of course on no account believe all the media has to offer ...
                    and, of course, remember - you don't have to believe all that I say too!

The initial sonnent (after week 3) on harmony is in this link.

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