Sunday, April 29, 2012

To be At One with the World

To be At One with the World
(the secret of life - harmony)

we, who are many, are one body for we all share in the one life
(1 Corinthians 10:17)

the world is one enormous thing
far beyond our own imagining
each one of us - a unique soul
integrated in the bigger whole

in our life we come and go
like an electromagnetic 'dynamo'
we radiate our own precious charge
hopefully a bright light - not a dark discharge

but if a virus suddenly descends
it’s up to us to make amends
remembering that love created every cell
and that this love can keep us well

for we have the power in each of us
to reverse negative currents and make them a plus!

Richard Scutter 15 April 2012

A sonnet written for Heather Powell reflecting on aspects from the initial sessions of her U3A course 'The Old and The New' ... looking at changes in thinking in relation to many disciplines including  Health, Religion, Philosophy and the Sciences.

Some word definitions ...

Integral - necessary to the completeness of the whole. …. made up of parts which together constitute a whole.
Electromagnetic interaction - the fundamental interaction occurring between electrically charged elementary particles.
Dynamo - any rotating machine in which mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, especially a direct current generator. Note that this word can be used to define a dynamic person.
Virus - an infective agent; in a restricted sense, an infective agent smaller than a common micro-organism, and requiring living cells for multiplication
DischargeElectricity - to lose, or give up, a charge of electricity.

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  1. Dear Richard
    What a splendidly responsive,creative attendee!
    And how positively electrifying.
    For such poetic perspecacity you surely dived deep into the quantum field. Can't wait to see what you write after we have the session on 'death'!!
    I have never attempted to reply to one of these blog things and wonder what happens if I click on the 'publish' but the 'Select profile' made even less sense, so 'publish and be damned' it is.
    See you on Tues. Cheers (O God it wants the profile thing, will just keep pressing till it goes!