Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arthroscopic Attention

This image is of my knee 5 days after arthroscopic surgery.
                                    Arthroscopic Attention

                                    Asclepius please, I’m talking to thee
                                    I have a slight problem with a crook knee.
                                    My meniscus may need sort of mending
                                    because I’m getting pain when I’m bending.

                                    Asclepius came with a fibre-optic tube
                                    and from my knee his rod did protrude
                                    while the snake-eye inside peered at the view
                                    sending images back to the surgical crew.

                                    The video monitor blew-up the sad sight
                                    clearly portraying what wasn’t quite right
                                    then on the other side with a snip and a snap
                                    a surgical instrument removed all the crap.

                                    So if your meniscus is kind of sus
                                    repair is possible with minimum fuss!

                                    Richard Scutter 12 November 2011
Knee note ... This sonnet was written as a way of a thank you and to show it is a simple procedure that is not at all intrusive. It has been estimated that over four million arthroscopies were performed last year.

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