Thursday, November 3, 2011

Have a Nice Day

Have a nice-day

Coming in at number 58
there were a few ‘have a nice-days’
ahead of me so I had ample time
to watch number 55 ‘have a nice-day’
but a shame she didn’t award him
a prize for bag fumbling.

Good, number 56 is ready for a
quick getaway, her purse undone.
How can she survive on a couple of pieces
of heart-lean lamb and a few carefully
chosen vegetables. Not to worry - I’m sure
in the end she will ‘have a nice-day’.

Number 57 has been so irritating
not so much her, but her kid. I don’t mind
obese people filling up the aisles before
filling their trolleys but their little doughnuts
should be controlled. Anyway she is about to
‘have a nice-day’.

(She should have said -
‘did you know your kid just picked his nose
in preference to chocolate’)

‘And how are you today Sir?’
Well, I had to say in no uncertain terms
that I was having a really ‘nice-day’, in fact
one of the nicest on record, while of course
waiting for her parting benediction …
… ‘have a fantastic-day’.

Nice-one, nice-one - a girl with
imagination! I can go home now
having achieved something, and
what can I say -  well, if you’re not
having a ‘nice-day’ have a  fantastic-day!’

Have a nice-day!

Richard Scutter 13 May 2011

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