Monday, August 15, 2011

Public Credentials

    ‘ well I’ve never met him personally

shaken ’is hand, had a drink at the bar
I know he’s been around for quite awhile
and people are always talking about him
apparently, he started out with nothing
’mazes me that he did everything by himself
original and imaginative work
but of course that was many years ago
one of m’ mates is always praising him
says he’s become more of a consultant
they say I should get more acquainted
not knowing tomorrow and in need of work

yes, I will have another, pour one yourself
and have you heard from Susie since she left
you’ll need a bit of help while she’s away
they should put on extra staff at the weekends

Bill’s been seeing him regular like
he reckons he’s a new person now
completely changed his way of working
but mind you he needed to change his ways
have you seen his work, what would you say
in need of more than a little refinement
did the devil of a job for his daughter
so crooked the council made him redo
he’s always been a bit of a loser
anyway he’s started to do the right thing
but how long will it last; you know what I mean
he’ll be back to his old ways; you wait and see

no, the wife’s better, not on her feet yet
it’s the change in the weather what knocked her
we’re taking her for a drive on Sunday
but she’ll have to stay in the car of course

so, you reckon I should contact this guy
perhaps send him an email to explain things
I’ve got enough work for a couple o’ weeks
after that, I’m afraid, there’s not much around
I hate having nothing planned in life
not knowing what to do or where I’m going
but don’t like the sound of a consultant
they’re always giving advice at a distance
I like someone more practical, involved
wouldn’t mind working for him if he chips in
you says he’s embarked on some big project -
probably needs me as much as I need him

anyhow, you say Susie’s up on Facebook
I’ll ask my son to search his computer
I’d like to see her photos as she travels
I might even surprise her with a message

Richard Scutter  June 2010

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