Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bump Out - Anne Edgeworth

(for the cast and team of DUSA, FISH, STAS, & VI)

Time to bump out the show,
the last line spoken,
Time for us all to go,
the circle broken,

Outside this spotlit space
the unknown, waiting,
It's been a growing place
this brief creating

for all of us who learned
long hours that went
into one moment earned
more than was spent;

We leave no artefacts
only a swept
stage, emptied of our acts
laughed with - or wept;

Nothing to take away - ?
Scrawled notes on pages,
Hopefully, heart to play
on harsher stages,

Some, perhaps, less alone -
Those weeks together
still with us, sounding on
in wilder weather.

Anne Edgeworth (from Poems for Off-Duty Hours)

This poem has been included as a tribute to Anne Godfrey-Smith (who wrote poetry as Anne Edgeworth).

She passed away in Canberra at the end of June at the age of 90. A former 'Canberran of the Year' and much involved in the art life of the capital including the first female manager-producer of the Canberra Repertory Society.

See - Anne Godfrey-Smith

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