Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Depression

View from 'Suicide Seat'
In memory of precious lives lost by suicide
Donated by survivors, Weston Park, Canberra

Although the world is full of suffering
It is full also of the overcoming of it
(seat inscription, Helen Keller)

No emergency now

on this early forsaken morning
the sun is yet to make impression
with no warmth to this part of day
there are no children floundering out of parental eye
nor bathers out of depth in deep distress
the life-line stands redundant in the chill air
winter removes
as nature takes a sleeping tablet
while across the far side of the lake
the wind stirs life to water
and people collect at a picnic shelter

from the dead-still of a reflective moment
I move away into the living morning
and shake off these lines that entangle

Richard Scutter 8 June 2010 (amended June 2014)

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